Northgate Greenhouses Voucher Fundraising Program 2016

This is a fun and easy way for your organization to raise money for their given program. The voucher program allows you to sell plant vouchers which are then redeemable directly at the greenhouses. Plant vouchers are an easier way to save time and energy, far less than organizing a plant sale. Your customer can take their time browsing through our 17 greenhouses selecting the perfect plant color and shape while taking advantage of the many ideas surrounding our displays. Experienced staff and designers are available to help with plant selection and planter designs.

Just follow the following steps and you are on your way to a profitable fundraiser.

1. Need a $600 minimum order. Example: 25 flats and 20 hanging baskets
2. Determine the charge for each type of voucher that you will be selling.
3. Collect the money from your customers at the time of sale including 7% sales tax if you are not tax exempt. If you are tax exempt provide us with your tax exempt number prior to sale.
4. Place the voucher order by March 31th with Kathie or Marybeth via by phone, fax or in person Monday thru Friday 9-5 pm.
5. Allow 48 hours to process vouchers. Bring one check made out to Northgate Greenhouses for the total amount of vouchers sold.
6. Distribute the voucher to your customers
7. Visit for plant viewing.

2016 vouchers will be redeemable between April 1st and May 31st. Remember, vouchers are treated like cash therefore cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Plant vouchers must be used in a single transaction. Other words no balance maybe carried over on a voucher.

Here are the following vouchers that will be available this year:
1. Annual Flats
2. Vegetable Flats
3. Annual Pots 4.5”
4. Standard Hanging Baskets
5. Deep Quart size Perennial Pots

Flower Sale Fundraising Program 2016

Thank you for considering Northgate Greenhouses for you Spring Flower sale fundraiser. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our guidelines to better help you plan a fun and profitable Flower sale.
1. Need a $600 Minimum order. For example: 15 flats, 20 hanging baskets, 30 4.5”pots, 10 4” pots or any combination using your cost.
2. Ship Dates for 2016 are April 25 through May 5th. No delivery on Saturdays. Call With a ship date as soon as you have committed to the sale. Ship dates fill up quickly given the time restraints.

Call 513 729 1134

3. Collect the money from your customers at the time of sale including 7% sales tax if you are not tax exempt. If you are tax exempt provide us with your completed “blanket tax exemption form” at the time of payment. Forms provided if needed.
4. Place the order with us 7 days prior to ship date. You may do so via fax, email or in person. Call to verify that we received the order. Fax 513 729 0176 or Email
5. Have one check for the total amount made out to Northgate Greenhouses. We will collect the check at the time of delivery.
6. All plants will be counted again at the time of delivery so keep this in mind when you are organizing your plant sale pick up day.
7. No substitutes will be made if we are out of a certain colors. Flowers will be delivered in bud or bloom.
8. Local delivery charge of $25.00
9. Visit for plant viewing.
10. Please call for pricing and plant variety list.
The list of plants that we provide you is what’s available to sell. By no means do you have to offer everything that is on the list. You may only want to sell for example 4.5” geraniums and hanging baskets depending on your customer needs. But from prior experience the more varieties you have to offer the better the sales. You may use the plant list as an order form. If you have any questions regarding your Flower Sale don’t hesitate to ask.

Kathie Hogeback, President

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