Garden Decor

When you make your outdoor living space your own, it’s simple when you add an extra touch!


From the Michael Carr Collection

MCD61812DFBLU Michael Carr Collection spher

New Gazing Balls

GSA14BFG03 gazing ballGSA14BFG04 gazing ball red




A water feature provides a much needed place to drink and bathe for urban birds.

Burley Clay Bird Baths… Made in the U.S.A

bird bath 1
Burley clay hand painted summer cardinal Ceramic bird bath

bird bath 2

bird bath 3



Hummingbird Feeders

red hb feeder sweet nectar

mason jar hummingbird feeder

small stain glass hummingbird feeder

blue glass hummingbird feeder



Outdoor Art

P32059 cc Lg windwheel

P24497 ww wall art

P27415 bb turtles and frogs P29520 bb butterfliesP29522 bb hummingbirds

P32535 bb solar fluttering butterfly
Solar Power Fluttering Butterfly

P32456 aa turtle

P39223 ff fairy setting





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